Criminal Law.

The right to legal representation is a basic aspect of our legal system, and Stover McGlaughlin represents individuals in a wide range of criminal offenses, including murder, robbery, rape and other sexual offenses, burglary, assault, theft, driving under the influence, drug offenses, traffic offenses, and minor’s law violations.

Our criminal defense attorneys have vast experience in jury trials and non-jury trials. This means that our great knowledge of the law can be effectively applied in the courtroom setting because of our experience in dealing with trials.

The services our criminal defense attorneys offer include:

  • attendance at preliminary hearings.
  • attendance at any conferences or hearings.
  • filing of any motions and attendance of any hearing on the motion.
  • attendance at pre-trial conference.
  • plea negotiations.
  • accelerated rehabilitative disposition program.
  • expungements.
  • jury trials.
  • non-jury trials.
  • appeals to both The Superior Court and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Stover McGlaughlin works financially with clients by charging either a flat fee for services or an hourly rate, depending on the case.

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