Business & Corporate Law.

As a State College law firm, Stover McGlaughlin understands the legal needs of businesses in this area. With that understanding as one of our strengths, the services we offer in business law and corporate law are extensive.

For new businesses, we provide counseling in start-up and operational issues surrounding business and corporate law. Our advice for new start-ups covers all aspects of getting established, including partnership formation, corporate formation, subchapter S election, LLC formation, trademark protection, and name registration.

For every business, in our work as a Centre County law firm, we bring a wealth of legal knowledge on the legal environment in which you operate. We can serve in an ongoing capacity as counsel for the business to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Among our legal services to help you run your business smoothly, we offer help with

  • formation of entity (sub S corporations, limited liability corporations, general partnerships and limited partnerships).
  • by-laws.
  • operating agreements.
  • lease preparation and negotiation.
  • asset sale agreements.
  • stock sale agreements.
  • stock transfer agreements.
  • general contract negotiation.
  • loan agreements.
  • promissory notes.
  • civil litigation.

At Stover McGlaughlin we know the effort and pride that go into creating a successful business, and our attorneys pride themselves on being available to advise you as a business owner or answer questions as they arise.

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